What is True Wireless Stereo (TWS)?

Simply put, our speakers have the ability to play true right channel / left channel audio, for an amazing wireless stereo sound experience!

Cool right?

Just to be clear, you do need two TWS speakers for this to work. Even if you bought two single speakers separately, this will still work just fine.

So how does it work? Well, we hope this will help.

What is TWS (true wireless stereo) and how does it work?

As you can see in the diagram above, your bluetooth enabled device (usually a smartphone like an iPhone or Samsung) will need to be wirelessly connected to only one of the speakers. It doesn't matter which, but let's call one of your speakers the lead speaker, and the other the secondary speaker.

Step 1.
Turn on the lead speaker, and then turn on the secondary speaker.

Step 2.
Once the secondary speaker is on, double click the power button of the lead speaker, and it will search and connect itself to the secondary speaker. You'll hear a chime when it does.

Step 3.
Activate your bluetooth settings on your device, and search for/ connect to only the lead speaker.

Step 4.
Play your favorite song and listen to the sound in stereo! So awesome!

If you have any further questions, or need more detail on how to get TWS working right for you, please check out our FAQ section, or call us at 800.380.0996.